The best people to help design and develop a system are the ones who are going to use it, thanks for all the feedback today on day 1 of 5 training our @SWFRSBusinessFS teams with @MattGJones79 on the RIDGE System #FireSafety #TeamSWFRS @SWFireandRescue. Keep the feedback coming !

I think Frankie enjoyed his first trip out ... looking to get him a life jacket now #BoatSafety #OneOfTheFamily @team_greenacres @CardiffBayYC online_stu photo

Happy 15th birthday @googleearth and thanks for supplying the satellite images used on the First Responder Geocoder - with @what3words and @googlemaps #Geocoding #WhereAmI #what3words

Yey, just had an email to say I've won a significant sum of money on the the american lottery, I wonder how many other people have won as well !!! #EmailSpam #Spam #DontClickLinks

The 1st of the kids school reports have just hit the inbox, I can sense it may be an expensive month in rewards but hey under the circumstances it will be worth it ... I'll take the credit for their performance this year as its been daddy teacher! #HomeSchooling

Another tablet digitiser fixed this weekend, this one was accidentally knelt on by the youngest and it wasn’t even his! online_stu photo