School boy error, had to make an unexpected trip to the boat this evening, forgot to turn off the electrics and left the Ignition on when I was down on Friday, luckily she started on the first press of the button!!

4 weeks on the hard and she’s already to be relaunched tomorrow. Really happy with how she has turned out!! #Sailing #Hanse301 #HammeringTheCreditCard online_stu photo

The ferns are starting to grow but it’s interesting to see the difference in growth between the area we have been bashing over the last couple of years against limited bashing. #LandManagement online_stu photo

Sign located just outside the field in W patch of brambles.

Someone certainly has an issue about being told where they can and can’t go ... #GetALife #RespectOthersProperty #GetOffMyLand
online_stu photo

There should be a KEEP OUT sign here but some thieving 🤬 has removed sometime today.

I truly give up with some people ......

#Theft #Trespassing #ButWhy
online_stu photo

Thats blown it .. washed my #FireInvestigation overalls, hung them on the line to dry and its started to rain !! 🌧️🌧️🌧️