A glorious day, dad has been working on recall with the whistle, he muttered just now that finally after 9 months or so he can now get some sort of sound from the shepherds whistle !! online_stu photo

For some reason there seems to be a shortage of 10mm compression fittings, sourced what I need but from 2 shops, normally there are loads in screw fix but none .... Brexit finally caught up with me???

From this to that ... I’m hoping it will be as smooth as the Ben Nevis Mountain Range, steady improvements!!! online_stu photo

Ok, on reviewing my attempt at plastering, I can safely say the Himalayan Mountain Range is smoother than my kitchen wall!!! 🏔🏔🏔🏔 not beaten, I’ll give it another try!

Looking at Home Energy Monitoring systems to see where the haemorrhaging is occurring (need to find which kid is responsible..or wife), @GeoMonitors Minim as non web based one off at £40 or the @LoopHomes at £50 then £12 per yr from yr 2 web based. #HomeEnergy #SaveEnergy

Having removed the kitchens tiles I thought I’d give plastering a go ... probably going around the sockets and cupboards isn’t the easy option but some sandpaper and a small amount of filler and it will be there!!! #diy @HavingAGo online_stu photo