So @WelshGovernment @fmwales is there any reason why Cardiff and Swansea had "an extra 24 hours planning time" till lockdown commenced compared to all other areas ??????

Now the lawnmower rebuild is complete, it’s time to look at the inherited petrol hedge trimmer, gets bogged down at high revs and is missing an air filter, found the sweet spot using the choke and a load of clean fuel, possibility this might be the issue 🤞

Operation Rebuild Lawnmower has, surprisingly, worked & no bolts or screws left over, slight modification with an extra washer fixed what I consider a manufacturing default and now the height selector stays at the selected height! Don't wish to repeat the rebuild for a bit!

When I was studying my degree in #SoftwareEngineering 20 years ago the NHS wasted £300 million on failed ICT projects..I wonder how it compares today, especially with today’s launch.

#Ambulance A failed systems upgrade, back to pen and paper because it works.. test, test and more testing on a exact copy of the live system... even then be prepared to roll back.. and launch an investigation as to why it failed.

I don’t want to temp fate but the rebuild of the lawnmower is going remarkably well ... online_stu photo